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    Victamos books makes it easier for people to find and buy books from any booksellers.

    Victamos bookstore is an online marketplace for books. Books from different sellers are offered for sale through the Victamosbooks website around Nigeria. Readers can find bestsellers, students can find new textbooks.


    Victamos bookstore is passionate for books, that is why booksellers love us for helping them sell their books to buyers around Nigeria. Our buyers too appreciate Victamos books for helping them to find and purchase their desired books.

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    Victamos Bookstore Nigeria bridges the gap between Writers/Publishers and Readers to reduce illiteracy in Nigeria.

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    Lilian’s favorite things to do in the whole world are smile, support, and motivate. She work tirelessly to source for books and make it ready for you – because what gets her out of bed in the morning are the people that make this world move, and she’s on a mission to help them move it by helping you get your desired books.

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    BLOOD AT NOON: A lot of books have been written about the civil war and I believe there are people still writing about it. But nobody has ever pinpointed and written about a particular location and emphasized on what happened there as it was detailed in BLOOD AT NOON

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    August 21, 2017 · War,History
    19th August, 2017 | Abuja Today, the brilliant author, astute public speaker, a trained teacher, who has delivered series of lectures to Corporate Organizations, Universities, and Churches. Winner of a bunch of cool awards, Has launched his new book ''BLOOD AT NOON'' the first and only book...
    I am the Lord, the God of every person on the earth. Nothing is impossible for Me. — Jeremiah 32:27   We need to hear that God is still in control.   We need to hear that it’s not over until He says so.   We need to hear that life’s mishaps and tragedies are not a reason to bail out. They are...
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